Friday, December 25, 2015

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas
Women of Worth

May the Lord bless you with the 
wonders of His love and
the gift of His peace.

Thursday, December 3, 2015

10 Easy and Cheap Christmas Decorating Ideas

Need a few new ideas for 
your holiday home?

Try these tips. 
They're easy on both 
your budget and your schedule.

  1. Wrap empty boxes with holiday paper (plain colors or plaids are best); tie on fabric ribbon or twine, add decorative tags or bits of holly and arrange in a vignette on a sofa table or in a large planter or galvanized tub. 
  2. Take a tip from restaurants and wrap the fronts of  your wall art and decorate with a large ribbon bow. It will give your home a festive appearance and go better with your other holiday decor.
  3. Spray long twigs gathered from your yard or the woods with white or gold paint; arrange in crock or tall glass cylinder (with glass gems or marbles in bottom). You can hang a few Christmas balls on this if you want.
  4. Toss a few pieces of garland onto a cake platter and nestle Christmas balls in the center; top with cake dome and use as a centerpiece or kitchen counter decoration. 
  5. Spray pine-cones with fake snow and dust with white glitter; arrange in basket or decorative bowl. 
  6. Tie a big red bow on a child's teddy bear and place under the Christmas tree or on a shelf.
  7. Use children's Christmas books (Little Golden books are great) for decoration on the tree or hung in a garland or placed in a basket with Christmas floral picks. 
  8. Put glass Christmas balls in a glass compote or punch bowl for a holiday centerpiece.
  9. Decorate a small Christmas tree for kitchen use with metal cookie cutters, jar rings tied with ribbon, small spoons, etc. Place inside a crock or put on a cake stand and cover bottom with a plaid bread towel. 
  10. Spray a quart canning jar with fake snow and add glitter while wet (use white sparkly glitter for a snowy, elegant look or red glitter for a festive touch); when dry, drop a 20-count strand of white lights inside, cover opening with a circle of fabric and then screw on the ring, leaving end of light strand out. Add a sprig of fake holly or greenery and ribbon, plug in and enjoy (but don't leave it on when you leave home:)