Friday, April 1, 2022

An Interview with Mrs. Sarah Hatfield

 Women of Worth was honored to interview Mrs. Sarah Hatfield of Greenville, Ohio. Sarah, along with her husband and children, will be providing sacred music for us at our WOW gathering in Gatlinburg on April 6th.  Take a few moments to become better acquainted with Sarah, and then join us in Gatlinburg or online to listen to the beautiful music their family will share!

WOW: Thank you for taking time for us today, Sarah! Let’s begin with how you met your husband.

Sarah: I met Travis when I was a teenager and his uncle came to pastor the church I attended. Travis’s family attended a different church, but they would often come and visit our services. A friendship developed between us during that time, and we eventually began dating. As time went by, we became best friends and fell in love. We married in the Fall of 2004, after I had graduated from high school. We have now been married for 17 years.

WOW: Do you have any advice for young ladies who may be waiting to see if marriage is part of their future?

Sarah: My advice for young, single women is that it is always worth waiting for the man God has for you! Choose wisely and don’t settle for less than God’s best. He has a special purpose for your life, and it’s important to learn to be content while waiting for the right one to share your life with!

WOW: Tell us a little bit about your beautiful family.

Sarah: God has blessed Travis and me with 5 wonderful children: Jaelynn, Remington, Haddasah, Weston, and Colton. (Their ages range from 8-15.) They bring us a lot of joy and keep things lively and busy around our home! Some of the things we enjoy doing together are bike rides, hiking, playing games, singing together, and listening to Adventures in Odyssey. We also enjoy the planting & harvest seasons on the farm, where we all get to take part in one way or another.

WOW: You are a busy and blessed momma! I’m guessing you don’t have a lot of spare time, but is there a hobby you enjoy? 

Sarah: One thing I enjoy is gardening, and a lot of the time, we work together as a family on that, too. 

WOW: I’m sure you are heavily involved in your local church. Share with us about a ministry you participate in regularly.

Sarah: I am currently involved in the children’s ministry of our church where Travis and I teach together in the children’s services. It is rewarding to share about God and His love for the children, and to watch them learn and grow in their faith, as well.

WOW: Tell us about a Scripture or promise from God’s Word that has been important to you.

Sarah: One of the Scriptures that has been meaningful to me is Proverbs 3:5 & 6. “Trust in the Lord with all thine heart; and lean not unto thine own understanding. In all thy ways acknowledge him, and he shall direct thy paths.” If I try to rely on my own strength and wisdom, things definitely won’t turn out the way they should…but by truly relying on the leadership of the Lord and acknowledging Him in every area of my life, I can trust Him to lead and guide me as I do my best to live for Him and teach my children more about Him.

 Thank you, Mrs. Sarah Hatfield, for taking time to share with our readers! Your life is an inspiration to us, and we are excited to see how God continues to use you in His kingdom! 




Wednesday, March 30, 2022

Interview with Mrs. Ann French

Women of Worth was honored to interview Sis. Ann French of Hobe Sound, Florida. Sis. French will be speaking at our WOW gathering in Gatlinburg on April 6th. We trust you will enjoy this glimpse into the life and ministry of this gracious woman of God. 

WOW: Thank you for taking time to be with us and answer a few questions. Let’s begin with where you grew up and when you came to know Christ.  

Sis French: I grew up in Easley, South Carolina and came to know the Lord my early teens. I always had a heart for Jesus and a desire to do the right thing.

WOW: Would you tell us how you met your husband and when you were married? 

Sis. French: We were both active in the Wesleyan Methodist Church. Because he was eight years older than I, we didn’t get acquainted until I was in my late teens and in college. He had a BA Ministerial Degree plus a graduate degree from Asbury Seminary and was pastoring a church in S.C. He was elected youth president of the SC conference and I was elected secretary. We were often together for business reasons since we served on the youth committee. That was our first formal introduction. I was in a serious relationship with another young Christian man, but God had different plans. Eventually, we became good friends and then starting dating. When I graduated from college we married, pastored four years, and then moved to Hobe Sound in 1969.

WOW: What advice would you give to a single woman who is waiting on God’s direction? 

Sis. French: First and foremost, allow God to lead and confirm your choice and relationship. Seek good advice and counsel from mature Christians you know. Young love sometimes acts out of emotions and not with good common sense. We tend to overlook traits that may be a problem later on. People can change, but we can’t count on that in every situation. 

WOW: Tell us about your children and grandchildren. Share with us some of the values that guided you in parenting.

Sis. French: I have two daughters, one son, and six grandchildren ages 14 to 25. We always lived in a glass house with high expectations because of my husband’s leadership roles. We had to do what was best for each of our children regardless of what “everyone” else thought or said. The main objective was to guard their hearts from bitterness and dislike for ministry. And we also tried to win the hearts of their friends so we could manage their influence over our children. Always be available to listen to your children. You have one opportunity to mold them and if you fail to communicate the proper values, you may not have another one. 

WOW: Did you have any ministry or professional roles outside the home during your earlier adult years?

Sis French: My first and foremost responsibility was to complement my husband in each of his roles and be a helpmeet. That varied and increased as the years progressed. When he began to lose his hearing, I had a big responsibility to become his “interpreter” in every capacity he served. I did lots of entertaining with young people, camp visitors and evangelists, missionaries coming and going and early morning Bible studies with the college young people struggling through a variety of issues.  But, in addition to that, I did serve in several capacities at the college and church. I taught music courses in the college and worked with the academy music program, accompanied college quartets and choirs. I served as college Admissions Director for several years, then registrar. 

WOW: How long were you married, and do you have any marriage advice? 

Sis. French: I was 2 ½ months short of 50 years of marriage when my husband was suddenly taken to heaven.  Advice – open communication is crucial. Misunderstandings happen too often, and they can grow into difficult problems.  Always do what is in the best interest of your mate, regardless of whether you like it or not. Pray together, laugh together and cry together. The children and I will forever be grateful that after he passed away we had a clean slate with

No unresolved conflicts

No unsaid apologies

No unforgiveness

WOW: When did your husband pass away, and how has that changed your ministry role? 

Sis. French: My husband died November 2014. It drastically changed my role in everything. We were inseparable partners and then I had to figure out who I was without him and what my new role was. I am still figuring that out but opportunities present themselves often. I am working with Grief Share sessions for those who have lost a loved one. I also try to reach out to widows to encourage them and help them in whatever area they may need. It is surprising how many widows are somewhat helpless because their husbands did everything—finances, domestic decisions, driving and taking care of the car, even putting gas in it, etc. I work with them one on one, to help them navigate through all the things they are now responsible to do. I am a part of two groups that socialize often. It is a good venue to share our struggles without our husbands. 

WOW: You’re still quite busy in ministry it seems! Do you mind to share your current positions with our readers?

Sis. French: I am half time as the college online registrar and halftime as assistant to Joe Taylor with Gospel Publishing Mission. I currently serve on the Hobe Sound Bible Church board and am the Sunday morning pianist.

WOW: I’d love to hear a Scripture verse that is special to you.

Sis. French: Proverbs 3:6: “In all thy ways acknowledge Him and He shall direct thy paths.”

Thank you, Sis. French, for your willingness to take a few moments to allow us to become acquainted with you. Your passion for God and dedication to ministry are examples for us to follow. -WOW

Tuesday, March 29, 2022


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