Women of Worth Handbook

Not that we are sufficient of ourselves to think anything of ourselves; but our sufficiency is of God.  II Corinthians 3:5

Committee members:

Lorena Glick

Asst. Director:
Reva Campbell

Cheryl Watters

Committee members:
Ruth Nichols
Debbie Gaskins
Valorie Quesenberry

Advisory members:
Stephanie Burley

The responsibilities for the Convention program will be those of: Lorena Glick, Director, assisted by a Committee of the following women: Ruth Nichols, Reva Campbell, Cheryl Watters, Valorie Quesenberry, Stephanie Burley and Debby Gaskins.  They will be responsible for the direction and management of the WOMEN OF WORTH organization.

IHC WOMEN OF WORH presents a ministry of excellent music and gifted speakers.  We model Christian simplicity and holiness in all aspects of the organization.

If you have any questions, you may address them to Lorena Glick, 5001 Pigeon Run Rd. SW  Navarre, OH  44662.  Her phone number is:  330-837-0956 and her email address is: wantok2@hotmail.com

Dear Sister:

If you are considering forming a local chapter of Women of Worth, we pray God’s blessings on you.  This venture will require both faith and works.

First, you will want to investigate the amount of local interest.  Contact the women and the pastors if your area.  If the pastors and their wives enthusiastically support the concept of Women of Worth, consider their response as a sign that God is pleased.  If they fail to see a need for it, I would hesitant to pursue it.  Trust the Lord to direct you through your spiritual leaders.

Second, choose a planning committee of three to five women.  Pastor’s wives are often prospects for the planning committee, but not always best as they lead busy lives.  The planning committee should be willing to support Women of Worth with their time and prayers. 

Third, schedule a planning session.  Pray much that God will direct each decision.  Jesus spent the night in prayer before He chose His disciples.  “Except the Lord build the House, they labour in vain that build it.”  Tell the Lord that you will labor, if He will do the building.

Review these materials but note that they are merely suggestions and you are not mandated to conduct your meetings or sessions according to this book.  Let God be your guide and if you wish to use any of these materials they are available.

In His Service,
Women of Worth Committee

Women of Worth

·        To aid in women’s spiritual growth

·        To provide a time of fellowship

·        To teach and to learn Scriptural principles as instructed in Titus 2:3-5

·        To help women become effective witnesses for Christ

·        To encourage women to disciple others in Christian growth

·        To promote the home as the focus of ministry

·        To enable women to identify and develop their spiritual gifts and the gifts of others in their families

·        To encourage creativity in homemaking

Foremost, there must a time of singing, praying and listening to God’s Word together.

Devotional time gives a structured opportunity for Godly examples to teach women as instructed in Titus 2:3-5.  “The aged women likewise, that they be. . . teachers of good things; that they may teach the young women to be sober, to love their husbands, to love their children, to be discreet, chaste, keepers at home, good, obedient to their own husbands, that the Word of God be not blasphemed.”

Choose someone that is a Godly example to speak for the month’s devotional time.  Decide the amount of time you can allow for a devotional talk, and tell your speaker, so she will feel free to relate the truth God has laid on her heart.  Perhaps 10 to 15 minutes will be sufficient for speaking.  If you invited a special guest who has a needed message, a half hour may be considered.  An occasional panel discussion may be used.

This should be an encouraging, sacred time set aside for our sisters to share their burdens, concerns and praise notes.  By doing this, you are ministering to the needs of the unsaved ladies in attendance.

A time for devotions is easily crowded out.  Make a devotional time a priority, and then you will meet the WOMEN OF WORTH OBJECTIVE – “To aid in women’s spiritual growth.”



General Secretary                   Assistant General Secretary

Executive Board


Director                        Assistant Director

Secretary / Treasurer       Executive Members

Advisory Members

Ladies Companion                 Literature Committee

Contributing Writers              Contributing Writers

Coordinator Responsibilities

Chapter Coordinator Duties:

·        Establish a contact person from each church
·        Select 3 – 5 ladies to serve as the Planning Committee
·        Call and direct planning sessions
·        Appoint someone to oversee the printing and distribution of brochures and programs for the following meeting
·        Approve the monthly devotion speaker
·        Give welcome, announcements and closing at meeting
·        Introduce the speaker (or prior to the meeting appoint someone, providing them with the information about the speaker)
·        Assign a person to establish and oversee a prayer chain

The coordinator must view WOMEN OF WORTH as a spiritual ministry more than a social function.  Although fellowship and friendships are wonderful fringe benefits, the whole effort will be in danger of turning into a social club if the leader does not carry a burden for the spiritual growth of those who attend.  Therefore, spirituality is essential for the leader.  She can lead others only to the level of spiritual life she knows.

The coordinator must also be a dependable, faithful woman.  Paul wrote to Timothy that the Lord called him into the ministry because he was faithful:  “I thank Christ Jesus our Lord,, who has enabled me, for that he counted me faithful, putting me into the ministry.”  I Timothy 1:12.  If she promises to do a job, does she carry through?  Is she faithful in the tasks already her responsibility?  Is she faithful in church attendance and private devotions?  Does she consistently have a cheerful and compassionate attitude?

The coordinator must also be personable.  It is not necessary that she have a dynamic personality but it is essential that people like her.  Peter commanded us to take the oversight willingly, “Being examples to the flock.”  Women are unlikely to pattern after a women they don’t like or admire.

If God has laid the burden on your heart for this ministry, then perhaps you are the lady for this responsibility.  It is usually the one who sees the need to whom God will give the insight to know how to fulfill her concern.

Planning Committee
•   Carefully study “The Objectives of Women of Worth”
•   Set the date and time for the monthly meeting
•   Select the same day and time each month
•   Establish a time to have your committee meetings, for the purpose of planning your      monthly events.  These may be held quarterly, biannually or annually
•   Oversee all committees
•   Set a standard method for cancellation
•   Find a place for the meetings
•   16 is a suggested age limit… you many want to consider allowing nursing babies
•   Establish a method for meeting the financial   expenses of your local chapter:  Examples are:  freewill offering, dues, fundraisers,  auctions, donations. . .
•   A suggested honorarium of $25 for travel expense is given to outside guest speakers
•   Select the auxiliary committees

Suggestions for Committee Leaders
·      The treasurer will coordinate finances for any related Women of Worth financial need

·      The secretary will record minutes at Planning Committee meetings.

·      Greet ladies as they arrive
·      Have ladies sign the guest book
·      Provide name tags

·      Arrange the tables
·      Provide table decorations

·      Work under the direction of the Coordinator / Planning Committee to organize the monthly devotions
·      Organize a prayer chain
·      Need ideas? Check out Julia Bettencourt’s site:     http://www.juliabettencourt.com/devotionals.html

·      Plan menu
·      See that food is prepared and arranged to serve
·      Prepare sign-up sheet for menu
·      Assign clean-up committee
·      Organize food and drink tables

Door prize:
·      Establish a sign-up sheet for monthly door prizes
·      Remind the ladies to bring prizes for the next month
·      Decide on what basis the prizes will be given

In Your First Planning Session…

·        Carefully study “The Objectives of Women of Worth”
·        Set a date and time for meeting
·        Find a place for meeting

Be confident that the Lord is not asking you to do something for which there is no adequate location.  Consider the following possibilities:  Restaurant, Hotel, Bank Conference Room, Business Meeting Rooms, School Gymnasium, Mall Community Room, Park Conference Center. . .

It is important that the room is pleasant and attractive so the women will feel they are going someplace special and be pleased to bring their friends.

(Sample of a file card that can be completed by each lady)

NAME __________________  PHONE: ____________
ADDRESS ____________________________________
CITY _______________  STATE _____    ZIP _______
CHURCH ____________________________________


In any way I can:   __________  Hostessing:    ________
Decorating:                        __________  Clean-up:       ________
Telephone work:  __________  Room Prep:   ________
Publicity:                __________  Food Prep:     ________
Prayer Chain:         __________  Craft:              ________

We pray as you start your group that God will bless you and help you in everything you do.  If you feel like you would like to contact one of the members of the Women of Worth Committee, please feel free to do so.  Listed below is the information you will need:

5001 Pigeon Run Rd. SW
Navarre, OH  44662
330.837.0956 – Home
330.327.1460 – Cell
6702 Smith Rd.
Loveland, OH  45140
513.683.4872 – Home

1809 Young St. #1
Cincinnati, OH  45202
517.403.6383 – Cell
1558 Bunker Dr.
Lima, OH  45805
419.234.8140 – Cell

3260 Catalina Ave. NW
Massillon, OH  44646
330.834.9057 – Home
133 S. Collins Ave.
Lima, OH  45804
419.230.8935 – Cell
1641 Franklin St.
Columbus, IN  47201
812-374-4334– Cell
2516 Washington Ave.
Bedford, IN  47421
812.275.7820 – Home


Revised, 2015 

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