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Upcoming Events: Central Indiana WOW Retreat

MARCH 21-22, 2014
ICHA Campground
Greenfield, Indiana

Click Here to visit the Retreat Facebook page
See the brochure below for contact and registration information.

Featured Speaker:  
Mrs. Sheila Wolf

Sheila Wolf has a Master of Arts degree in Home Economics and has taught nutrition, child & adolescent psychology, financial management, marriage and family living, children's literature, sewing, entertaining foods, nutrition, and much more for over three decades. She has spoken to women's groups around the US and the world.  She is "Mom" to 4, "Grandma" to 6 and wife to Garen Wolf.  She has an antiques business, fixes up old houses, was a professional caterer for years and has the spiritual gift of shopping for unbelievable bargains. (She can leave the store with THEM owing HER money!) But one thing is for sure - Sheila is not stuffy. She is as real as they come.  She will make you laugh and cry as she shares her heart, her wisdom and her practical ideas for life.


This retreat is a wonderful break from every day life. It is only Friday and Saturday (about 24 hours), so even young moms can come!  And it is affordable.  Registration is only $35.00 for both days of the retreat (see brochure for information on accommodations.)  Great sessions, great food, lots of snacks, fun music and wonderful fellowship with new and old friends.  It is definitely worth your time to come!

About Recommended Resources....

We are excited about sharing some great resources together as friends and women after God's heart!

We hope to touch on many topics relating to women: motherhood, dating, ministry, depression, marriage, widowhood, relationships, counseling issues, personal growth, etc.

You know, of course, that posting and suggesting a resource does not mean that women of worth endorses every point made by the author. Nor does it mean that we condone every single thing about the author.

 We think of reading somewhat like mining. As we read, we run the information through various sifters (God's Word, Lifestyle, Personal Preference, Personality, Relevance to my life). Some things may fall through without sticking. But we hold onto the gold nuggets and truth that we find as we read prayerfully.

As new resources are shared on the home page of the website, you will be able to find them later under the "Resources" tab.  Happy reading!

Photos from Dayton - #2

Women gathered for the Dayton meeting of Women of Worth.

Taking a break between Dayton sessions.

A future Women of Worth member!

A Ladies' Trio takes the platform at a Dayton service.

Checking the Dayton Daily for the day's schedule of events.

Pam Kuhn and Melodie LaVan share their journey as sisters - through loss and pain to joy.

Recipe for Chicken Roll-ups (a Sankey 5-star dish)

Chicken Roll-ups

Boneless, skinless chicken breast strips
1 lg. jar dried beef
1/2 lb. bacon strips
2 cans cream of mushroom soup
16 oz. sour cream

Layer bottom of 9X13 inch baking dish with dried beef. Wrap the chicken breast strips with strip of bacon and lay the together on bed of dried beef. Mix sour cream and mushroom soup together in separate bowl and spread evenly over meat. 

Cover and seal dish with aluminum foil and place on large cookie sheet to avoid "drips" in the oven.  Bake at 325 degrees for 3 hours.

Janet Sankey

A Challenge to Women of Worth Coordinators

From Lorena's heart . . . .

Women's ministry . . . New retreats . . . New chapters . . . and now this new web page added to our ministry . . . How exciting to see what God is doing in Women Of Worth.

He has been so good as I have watched this ministry grow over the last 20 years. The exciting thing is that each of you leaders has played a very important part. You have started your groups and watched the highs and lows with them. It has been my privilege to be there when many of your groups have been started, and I have prayed, cried, and rejoiced with you. You all have worked very hard, and I am proud of each one of you. 

These chapters are so important for our women.  It is a real bond to meet with our sisters and other women in general.  One lady told me it was her “therapy” for the month to go to her monthly chapter meetings. 

I want to challenge each of you to keep up the great work you are doing for Christ’s Kingdom. I want to be there for you. I am just a phone call or email away. If you have any questions or if there is anything I can help you with . . . please contact me.  With God's help, we can make a difference in this world.
-     Lorena

A Woman After God's Own Heart

by Elizabeth George

This is an Elizabeth George classic.  It gently but firmly inspires us to be excellent in every area.  This is a book to pick up if you're just feeling that nudge to come closer to God and allow Him to dig around in your heart.

Part 1:  The Pursuit of God
Part 2:  The Pursuit of God's Priorities
Part 3:  The Practice of God's Priorities
Part 4:  In Praise of God's Priorities

Photos from Dayton - #3

Another little lady in training.

Relationships are an important part of the Dayton Convention.

A friend makes every event better.

Sunshine and good reading are wonderful day-brighteners.

Dayton is a great place to network and reconnect with good friends.

Starting a Women of Worth Chapter

If you are considering forming a local chapter of Women of Worth, we pray God's blessings on you. This venture will require both faith and works.

First, you will want to investigate the amount of local interest. Contact the women and the pastors in your areas. If the pastors and their wives enthusiastically support the concept of Women of Worth, consider their response as a sign that God is pleased. If they fail to see a need for it, I would be hesitant to pursue it. Trust the Lord to direct you through your spiritual leaders.

Second, choose a planning committee of three to five women. Pastors' wives are excellent prospects for the planning committee. The planning committee should be willing to support Women of Worth with their time and their prayers.

Third, schedule a planning session. Pray much that God will direct each dec- ision. Jesus spent the night in prayer before He chose His disciples. "Except the Lord build the House, they labour in vain that build it." Tell the Lord that you will labor, if He will do the building.

In His Service,

Women of Worth Committee

Chapter Coordinator Duties

  • Establish a contact person from each church
  • Select 3-5 ladies to serve as the Planning Committee
    (Consider using the pastor's wives)
  • Call and direct planning sessions
  • Appoint someone to oversee the printing and distribution of brochures and programs for the following meeting
  • Approve the monthly devotion speaker
  • Give welcome, announcements and closing at meeting
  • Introduce the speaker (or prior to the meeting, appoint someone, providing them with    information about the speaker)
  • Assign a person to establish and oversee a prayer chain.
The coordinator must view WOMEN OF WORTH as a spiritual ministry more than a social function. Although fellowship and friendships are wonderful fringe benefits, the whole effort will be in danger of turning into a social club, if the leader does not carry a burden for the spiritual growth of those who attend. Therefore, spirituality is essential for the leader. She can lead others only to the level of spiritual life she knows.

The coordinator must also be a dependable, faithful woman. Paul wrote to Timothy that the Lord called him into the ministry because he was faithful: "I thank Christ Jesus our Lord, who hath enabled me,  for that he counted me faithful, putting me into the min- istry." I Timothy 1:12. If she promises to do a job, does she carry through? Is she faith- ful in the tasks already her responsibility? Is she faithful in church attendance and pri- vate devotions? Does she consistently have a cheerful and compassionate attitude?

The coordinator must also be personable. It is not necessary that she has a dynamic personality, but it is essential that people like her. Peter commanded us to take the oversight willingly, "Being examples to the flock." Women are unlikely to pattern after a woman they don't like or admire.

If God has laid the burden on your heart for this ministry, then perhaps you are the lady for this responsibility. It is usually the one who sees the need to whom God will give the insight to know how to fulfill her concern.

Planning Committee Guidelines

· Carefully study "The Objectives of Women of Worth"

· Set the date and time for the monthly meeting

· Select the same day and time each month

· Establish a time to have your committee meetings, for the purpose of planning, your monthly events. These may be held quarterly, biannually, or annually.

· Oversee all committees

· Set a standard method for cancellation

· Find a place for the meetings

· 16 is a recommended age limit. You may want to consider allowing nursing babies.

·  Establish a method for meeting the financial expenses of your local chapter:  

o   Examples are: freewill offering, dues, fundraisers, auctions, donations...
o    A suggested honorarium of $25 for travel expenses is given to outside guest  speakers.

·         Select the auxiliary committees.

Suggestions for Committee Leaders

·         The treasurer will coordinate finances for any related Women of Worth financial need.

·         The secretary will record minutes at Planning Committee meetings.

·         Greet ladies as they arrive
·         Have ladies sign the guest book
·         Provide name tags

·         Arrange the tables
·         Provide table decorations

·         Work under the direction of the Coordinator/ Planning Committee to organize monthly devotions.
·         Organize a prayer chain

·         Plan menu
·         See that food is prepared
·         Prepare sign-up sheet for menu
·         Assign clean-up committee
·         Organize food and drink tables

Door prize
·         Establish a sign-up sheet for monthly door prizes
·         Remind the ladies to bring prizes for the next month.

·         Decide on what basis the prizes will be given.

The First Planning Session

- Carefully study the Women of Worth Objectives
- Set a date and time for meeting
- Find a place for meeting

Be confident  that the Lord is not asking you to do something for which there is no adequate location. Consider the following possibilities: Restaurant, Hotel, Bank Conference Room, Business Meeting Room, School Gymnasium, Mall Community Room, or a Park Conference Center...

It is important that the room is pleasant and attractive so the women will feel they are going some place special and be pleased to bring their friends.

(Sample of a file card that can be completed by each lady.)

City_________________ State______________ Zip______________

I would like to serve:
In any way I can: ______   Hostessing:   _________
Decorating:  _________    Clean-up:    ____________
Telephoning:_________   Room preparation:  _______
Publicity:_________    Food preparation :  _________

Prayer Chain: _________  Craft:  ________

Menus for Meetings

We have posted some themes and ideas for menus for your monthly meetings. Feel free to use them and to alter them as you would choose. There are several ways of coming together with a delicious snack or menu. Some groups have a sign-up sheet to pass around and have everyone to sign up for what they would like to bring for the next month. Other groups with a number of different churches involved have had the churches to be responsible for certain parts of the menu, or if large enough, churches could be assigned to provide the meal for the entire evening, alternating months.


Ice Cream Night:
 Ladies can bring various toppings to go along with the ice cream: bananas, cherries, strawberries, whipped cream, nuts, chocolate syrup, candies, cake decorating confetti, etc. You could also have a Banana Split Night, and use this idea. *Popcorn is an item that goes well with ice cream.

Salad Night

Sandwiches: Chicken, cheese, egg, or ham salad sandwiches served with salsa & chips are a great menu for a monthly meeting. Variations could be: lunch meat sandwiches & fruit,  or sandwiches and soups.


Apple Night:
 Apple slices topped with caramel & nuts, or served with fruit dips. Have someone bring specialty breads and serve slices of bread with home-made apple butter... Apple cider can be your drink for the evening.

Soups & Sandwiches

Tater Night: A great hit, is to have someone bake several potatoes, and then have the ladies to sign up to bring various toppings, such as: broccoli, cheese, butter, sour cream, bacon bits, onions, parsley, etc.


Fun Favorites:
 This is really fun! One month have the ladies of your group to bring a dish in which the name of their food starts with the same letter of their first name. Talk about a pot-luck!

Individual Pizzas: Starting with english muffins, you can add sauce and then various toppings such as: ground beef, pepperoni, sausage, ham, cheese, and spices.

Making Jesus Known Around The World:  Have a night to feature international foods.

Pasta Night

Pizza Night: There are so many pizza recipes and types of pizza in today's world. Here are some ideas of various pizzas: veggie pizza, italian pizza, fruit pizza, apple caramel pizza, dessert pizzas of many kinds.  

Taco Salad: Ladies can sign up for the different ingredients: ground beef, tortilla chips, taco sauce, dressings, lettuce, tomato, onion, bell pepper, olives, sour cream, etc.  Since there are different likes and dislikes, allow the ladies to choose and create their own taco salad.

Thursday, February 27, 2014

Stay Connected with TLC!

The Ladies’ Companion is a quarterly publication offering 
real-life perspectives for 
today’s Christian woman from a conservative viewpoint.

TLC is an outreach ministry of the 
Inter-Church Holiness Convention. 

Women of Worth updates are included in every issue.

Subscriptions are $8/year.

Recipe for Key Lime Pie (a Hight Family Favorite)

Key Lime Pie   

4 eggs, separated
1 can sweetened condensed milk
1/2 cup lime juice
6 tbsp. sugar
1/2 tsp. cream of tartar

Preheat oven to 350 degrees. Beat 4 egg yolks, add sweetened condensed milk and lime juice.  Beat until thick. Pour into baked pie shell.

For topping:
Beat 4 egg whites adding in sugar and cream of tartar until stiff peaks form. Spread over pie mixture and bake until meringue golden brown.

- Kathy Hight

Recipe for Pretzel Salad

Pretzel Salad

1 stick margarine melted
1 1/2 cups pretzels (or pretzel pieces)
1/2 cup sugar

Stir ingredients together and spread in 9 x 13 inch baking dish. Bake at 400 degrees for 7 minutes. Remove from oven. Cool.

8 oz. cream cheese
1/3 cup sugar
20 oz. can crushed pineapple, drained
8 oz. Cool Whip

Mix cream cheese and sugar together. Fold in Cool whip and pineapple to cream cheese mixture and spread over pretzels and chill until ready to serve.

Amounts needed for feeding a group of 100

Sheila Wolf shares her knowledge and ideas of how much it takes to feed a crowd.  These estimates can help avoid under- or over-buying for an event and are based on her many years as a wedding caterer, foods teacher and feeder-of-crowds.

Nuts: 3 pounds
Mints: 3 pounds

Chips:  4 pounds
Dip:  3 pounds

Bread: 14 loaves
Small buns:  125 or 8 pounds
Sliced Meat:  8-10 pounds
Barbeque:  9-10 pounds

Hor D'oeuvres
Vegetable tray: 
2 heads broccoli, 1 head cauliflower, 2 pounds carrots, 1 bunch celery, 1 pound radishes, 1 pint cherry tomatoes, 1 pepper

Cocktail sausages
Use lil' smokies or quartered hotdogs - 3 pounds serves 100
1 20 oz. can pineapple
2 cups catsup
1 cup brown sugar
1 T. Worcheshire sauce

Watermelon Basket
1 watermelon
2 cantaloupe
1 honeydew melon
2-  20 oz cans chunk pineapple
1 quart strawberries
2 pounds grapes
Do not use apples or bananas - they brown and get soggy too quickly

Cut up fruit ahead of time and store them separately in zipper bags or tupperware.  Do not mix until time to serve.


4 gallons koolaid
1 gallon pineapple sherbet
1 can pineapple juice
4  2-liter bottles of ginger ale, sprite or other clear pop

1/2 pound of coffee grounds makes 30 strong cups
I would use 1 pound for 100 cups

Iced Tea
50 individual tea bags makes 5 gallons of strong tea.
Add 2 gallons of ice

Wounded By God's People

Discovering How God's Love Heals Our Hearts
by Anne Graham Lotz

"Have you been  hurt one of God's children? Has it affected your relationship with God?

'Wounds from a Christian's sword heal slowly because they seem to hurt the worst and penetrate the deepest.' 

This is a quote from "Wounded by God's People" by Anne Graham Lotz.  She has so uniquely taken the story of Sarah and Hagar to tackle this tough issue.   Beware!  This eye-opening book might also help you discover that you are a wounder.  No one wants to be THAT person!  Prayerfully read this book and be changed!"

                                              ~ Jodi Johnson (Pastor's Wife - Kenwood Bible Methodist)


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Praying with the One You Love (Marriage Resource)

Praying with the One You Love
by Art Hunt

Praying together is one of the most powerful things a couple can do together. It not only has spiritual benefits, but strengthens and deepens the relationship. However, it can be intimidating to learn to pray together intimately if you aren't used to it. Even for spiritual couples!  This book is a great way to get started - whether you're a dating couple or have been married for decades.

1.  What happens when couples pray?
2.  Getting closer to the one you love
3,  Pray as you can, not as you can't
4.  Finding time without adding pressure
5.  Working with our differences
6.  Restoring broken relationships
7.  Gaining peace in times of crisis
8.  Interceding for the children in our lives
9.  Resisting the evil one
10.  Hearing God's voice
11.  Keeping prayer vital

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Photos from Dayton 2013 - #1

Women of Worth Committee Members and speaker Becky Keep
Women of Worth Committee Members
Reva Campbell, Janet Sankey and Becky Keep
Janet Sankey and Lorena Glick 
Reva Campbell, Lorena Glick, Valorie Quesenberry and Janet Sankey

Ladies enjoying the Dayton gathering.

The Stetler Trio singing at the Dayton Meeting

Monday, February 24, 2014

Featured Author: Kristina Clemens

RE-FASHIONISTA: New Castle woman wrote the book on re-style
'The Chic Girl's Guide to a One-of-A-Kind Wardrobe available now

It's a big year for Kristina Clemens who is new to New Castle and has a new book available to the public.
Donna Cronk
Neighbors Editor

For Kristina Clemens, sewing is as natural as breathing.

As a little girl, she was taught by her mother and eventually got a degree in dressmaking and fashion from Penn Foster. It's Clemens' dream to have her own line of clothing under the label Kristina J. At age 33, she is well on her way.

But it's not like she doesn't have plenty else going on.

A new resident of New Castle, Kristina and her husband Scott just moved to town and bought a home. Here, Scott, originally from Muncie, is the new headmaster of the new Heartland Christian School. The couple have three children: Konrad, 8; Reagan, 7 and Makenzie, 5. Kristina works the school's front desk and is the social media secretary.


While that is plenty exciting enough for Kristina, who grew up in Indianapolis, it's not her only big news of the year. She also has a new book out, The Chick Girl's Guide To a One-of-a-Kind Wardrobe ($19.99, Cedar Fort Publishing).It's available from; Barnes & Noble and Books a Million. There is an ebook version. Early this year, Kristina's fashion blog ( caught the eye of an editor who offered her a book contract. For 10 weeks, Kristina wrote the book, tackling a new project each day for 30 days. The book shows how to alter and embellish existing clo thing - such as thrift-shop or sale-rack finds - for unique, modest and highly fashionable results. She appears as the model for many of her own outfits. In one photo, for example, her 5-year-old son took the photo that looks as professional as any photo, anywhere.
"There are a lot of crafty, gimmicky clothes," Kristina says, adding that she wanted her book to be about tasteful, fashionable clothing.. "This is a craft book from a designer's perspective."

She describes her own personal style as feminine retro. "I love that nostalgia that comes from eras gone by.."

Her blog is updated twice a week and while she has always had in mind that it serve as a platform to build a following for her eventual clothing line, the book was a bonus.

"I'm always buying things that have to be fixed," she says, She scours thrift shops and sale racks for clothing that she can refashion to suit her own taste and style.

Kristina graduated from Nazarene Christian School in the Indianapolis area and then went on to get a degree in business from God's Bible School in Cincinnati. She also went to massage school. Later came the degree in dressmaking and fashion.

Thanks, Mom

She credits her mother for teaching her to sew. "My mom is a fabulous seamstress," Kristina says. During her teen years, she competed with thousands from across the country with her sewing, volleyball and music. She did well in everything but it was the sewing that always seemed to find her at the very top in competitions.

As for her way with alterations, Kristina says, "I always wanted more designer-type things than I could afford so I added and embellished. It's always about creating a piece I could never find in a store.."

And now, she'll be creating in her own sewing room in her New Castle home.

She says that while a decade ago, she would have said that no one sews, she sees a massive revival of both sewing and handmade items. She attributes it in part to the internet. In fact, the Heartland school hopes to offer a six-weeks' sewing class and open it to the public.

Kristina is open to speaking engagements. 

The Pleasure of Company

The Pleasure of Company -
A Practical Guide to Hospitality
published in 2013

Hospitality Begins at Home - Rachel Plank
Company's Coming - Linda Davison, Tammy Fair
Managing Your Entertainment - Eunice E. Stearns, Shirley F. Dye
Specialized Entertaining - Linda Kelley, Joanie Johnson, Rachel Plank
Let's Have a Tea Party - Melba Sams, Reva Campbell
Party Themes - Linda Davison, Tammy Fair

You can purchase this book using the cart button under "WOW Books" in the sidebar to the right.

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Discipleship in the Home

Discipleship in the Home

Teaching Children, Changing Loves

by Matt Friedeman

"Learning from Matt Friedeman, his family and his mentoring was foundational for getting us started in our parenting journey.  David and I sat in his Discipleship in the Home class together before this book was published.  In fact, this book comes from those classes that he taught at Wesley Biblical Seminary.  His ideas helped to formulate the way we think about shaping and training our family.  It helped us to build in routines and traditions of mentoring and teaching our kids that have served us well for a decade so far."   ~ Sarah Fry

Chapter 1 - Changing the world Through the Family
Chapter 2 - A Picture of Your Discipleship, Your Child
Chapter 3 - Diner Table Disciplemaking and Other Rituals
Chapter 4 - Expecting the Best
Chapter 5 - Television
Chapter 6 - Discipline = Love + Righteousness
Chapter 7 - Jesus - The Obvious Holy Parenting Style
Appendix 1:  the "Guts" of the Discipleship Agenda
Appendix 2:  The "Hidden in the Heart" Catechism
Appendix 3:  Scripture to Memorize as Recommended in Chatechism
Appendix 4:  Other Creeds and Famous Passages to Memorize for the Dinner Table
Appendix 5:  Why the Friedemans Homeschool - The Twenty-Three Best Reasons
Appendix 6:  The Age Twelve Trip
Appendix 7:  Why I Prayed for Boys

"This book was born in Dr. Friedeman's own home, as the father of five, and in the classroom, as professor of Christian Education at Wesley Biblical Seminary. It is a wonderful blend of practical wisdom built on a firm Biblical foundation. The last quarter of the book is a powerful family catechism for the dining room table and scripture memory plans. He also gives creative plans for meaningful father-son and mother-daughter retreats and rites of passage celebrations." ~ Amazon