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Featured Author: Kristina Clemens

RE-FASHIONISTA: New Castle woman wrote the book on re-style
'The Chic Girl's Guide to a One-of-A-Kind Wardrobe available now

It's a big year for Kristina Clemens who is new to New Castle and has a new book available to the public.
Donna Cronk
Neighbors Editor

For Kristina Clemens, sewing is as natural as breathing.

As a little girl, she was taught by her mother and eventually got a degree in dressmaking and fashion from Penn Foster. It's Clemens' dream to have her own line of clothing under the label Kristina J. At age 33, she is well on her way.

But it's not like she doesn't have plenty else going on.

A new resident of New Castle, Kristina and her husband Scott just moved to town and bought a home. Here, Scott, originally from Muncie, is the new headmaster of the new Heartland Christian School. The couple have three children: Konrad, 8; Reagan, 7 and Makenzie, 5. Kristina works the school's front desk and is the social media secretary.


While that is plenty exciting enough for Kristina, who grew up in Indianapolis, it's not her only big news of the year. She also has a new book out, The Chick Girl's Guide To a One-of-a-Kind Wardrobe ($19.99, Cedar Fort Publishing).It's available from; Barnes & Noble and Books a Million. There is an ebook version. Early this year, Kristina's fashion blog ( caught the eye of an editor who offered her a book contract. For 10 weeks, Kristina wrote the book, tackling a new project each day for 30 days. The book shows how to alter and embellish existing clo thing - such as thrift-shop or sale-rack finds - for unique, modest and highly fashionable results. She appears as the model for many of her own outfits. In one photo, for example, her 5-year-old son took the photo that looks as professional as any photo, anywhere.
"There are a lot of crafty, gimmicky clothes," Kristina says, adding that she wanted her book to be about tasteful, fashionable clothing.. "This is a craft book from a designer's perspective."

She describes her own personal style as feminine retro. "I love that nostalgia that comes from eras gone by.."

Her blog is updated twice a week and while she has always had in mind that it serve as a platform to build a following for her eventual clothing line, the book was a bonus.

"I'm always buying things that have to be fixed," she says, She scours thrift shops and sale racks for clothing that she can refashion to suit her own taste and style.

Kristina graduated from Nazarene Christian School in the Indianapolis area and then went on to get a degree in business from God's Bible School in Cincinnati. She also went to massage school. Later came the degree in dressmaking and fashion.

Thanks, Mom

She credits her mother for teaching her to sew. "My mom is a fabulous seamstress," Kristina says. During her teen years, she competed with thousands from across the country with her sewing, volleyball and music. She did well in everything but it was the sewing that always seemed to find her at the very top in competitions.

As for her way with alterations, Kristina says, "I always wanted more designer-type things than I could afford so I added and embellished. It's always about creating a piece I could never find in a store.."

And now, she'll be creating in her own sewing room in her New Castle home.

She says that while a decade ago, she would have said that no one sews, she sees a massive revival of both sewing and handmade items. She attributes it in part to the internet. In fact, the Heartland school hopes to offer a six-weeks' sewing class and open it to the public.

Kristina is open to speaking engagements. 

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