Friday, February 28, 2014

The First Planning Session

- Carefully study the Women of Worth Objectives
- Set a date and time for meeting
- Find a place for meeting

Be confident  that the Lord is not asking you to do something for which there is no adequate location. Consider the following possibilities: Restaurant, Hotel, Bank Conference Room, Business Meeting Room, School Gymnasium, Mall Community Room, or a Park Conference Center...

It is important that the room is pleasant and attractive so the women will feel they are going some place special and be pleased to bring their friends.

(Sample of a file card that can be completed by each lady.)

City_________________ State______________ Zip______________

I would like to serve:
In any way I can: ______   Hostessing:   _________
Decorating:  _________    Clean-up:    ____________
Telephoning:_________   Room preparation:  _______
Publicity:_________    Food preparation :  _________

Prayer Chain: _________  Craft:  ________

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