Sunday, February 23, 2014

Discipleship in the Home

Discipleship in the Home

Teaching Children, Changing Loves

by Matt Friedeman

"Learning from Matt Friedeman, his family and his mentoring was foundational for getting us started in our parenting journey.  David and I sat in his Discipleship in the Home class together before this book was published.  In fact, this book comes from those classes that he taught at Wesley Biblical Seminary.  His ideas helped to formulate the way we think about shaping and training our family.  It helped us to build in routines and traditions of mentoring and teaching our kids that have served us well for a decade so far."   ~ Sarah Fry

Chapter 1 - Changing the world Through the Family
Chapter 2 - A Picture of Your Discipleship, Your Child
Chapter 3 - Diner Table Disciplemaking and Other Rituals
Chapter 4 - Expecting the Best
Chapter 5 - Television
Chapter 6 - Discipline = Love + Righteousness
Chapter 7 - Jesus - The Obvious Holy Parenting Style
Appendix 1:  the "Guts" of the Discipleship Agenda
Appendix 2:  The "Hidden in the Heart" Catechism
Appendix 3:  Scripture to Memorize as Recommended in Chatechism
Appendix 4:  Other Creeds and Famous Passages to Memorize for the Dinner Table
Appendix 5:  Why the Friedemans Homeschool - The Twenty-Three Best Reasons
Appendix 6:  The Age Twelve Trip
Appendix 7:  Why I Prayed for Boys

"This book was born in Dr. Friedeman's own home, as the father of five, and in the classroom, as professor of Christian Education at Wesley Biblical Seminary. It is a wonderful blend of practical wisdom built on a firm Biblical foundation. The last quarter of the book is a powerful family catechism for the dining room table and scripture memory plans. He also gives creative plans for meaningful father-son and mother-daughter retreats and rites of passage celebrations." ~ Amazon

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