Friday, February 28, 2014

Suggestions for Committee Leaders

·         The treasurer will coordinate finances for any related Women of Worth financial need.

·         The secretary will record minutes at Planning Committee meetings.

·         Greet ladies as they arrive
·         Have ladies sign the guest book
·         Provide name tags

·         Arrange the tables
·         Provide table decorations

·         Work under the direction of the Coordinator/ Planning Committee to organize monthly devotions.
·         Organize a prayer chain

·         Plan menu
·         See that food is prepared
·         Prepare sign-up sheet for menu
·         Assign clean-up committee
·         Organize food and drink tables

Door prize
·         Establish a sign-up sheet for monthly door prizes
·         Remind the ladies to bring prizes for the next month.

·         Decide on what basis the prizes will be given.

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