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Women of Worth Retreat in Berlin, Ohio!

The Canton-Massillon Chapter of Women of Worth hosted its23rd Annual Retreat September 13-15 in Berlin, Ohio.  Over 160 women gathered at the Berlin Grande Hotel in Ohio’s Amish country for this longawaited event. 

 The women were greeted at the registration table with fresh apples and an emergency chocolate bar as they were signing in. Many of the rooms which were used this year had only recently been completed as part of the hotel’s new construction project. 

 The first session took place on Friday night, and after worship music and necessary announcements, Sarah Fry spoke on the topic “Blessed is She Who Thinks.”  She shared with the audience  the importance of right thinking. The Bible tells us to “take captive” wrong thoughts and to be “transformed by the renewing of our minds.” The brain has an amazing capacity called neuroplasticity, which allows it to create new brain pathways. 

 After the Friday night session, there was pizza and other snacks available and the ladies talked and laughed together in the main conference room. 

 On Saturday morning, the ladies enjoyed breakfast at the bountiful buffet provided by the hotel and then gathered in for two back-to -back sessions on “Blessed is She Who Gives”  and ‘Blessed is She who Listens.” The first session challenged the audience to look for the gifts (or tools) God has given them to use and to give out of health and fullness.  The second session gave the women listening tools for blessing others. 

 The women were dismissed at lunchtime to spend the afternoon as they desired. Many enjoyed a scrumptious meal at the Amish buffet next to the hotel; others chose similar dining venues.  And then most of the women used the afternoon hours to browse the many shops and markets in quaint Berlin and buy things from cheese to quilts to home d├ęcor. 

 On Saturday evening, the John Glick family gave a concert of gospel music, accompanied by many stringed instruments as well as keyboard. Their testimony of their ministry in prisons was inspiring and challenging. 

 Sunday morning found the ladies still enjoying the retreat. After the complimentary hotel breakfast, they gathered once more in the large conference center to sing praise in worship together and then to listen to one more session titled “Blessed is She Who Rests.” This session was convicting and reassuring, helping the audience see that rest is both a command and a blessing. 

 After enjoying box lunches, the women left, already talking about returning next year!

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The season of on-purpose thankfulness is here.
Great are your blessings, Lord.