Women of Worth is an international organization for women who want to know God better and relate well to those He has put in their lives - families, friends and coworkers.

Women of Worth is an outreach ministry of the InterChurch Holiness Convention. 

Women connect with one another on the local level through regular chapter meetings and at the national level through the
 annual convention held in Dayton, Ohio. 
Get more information on the convention here.

The national director of Women of Worth is Lorena Glick.  
Committee members are: Reva Campbell, assistant director; Cheryl Watters, Secretary/Treasurer; Lorena Glick, Director of Outreach and Chapter Development; Ruth Nichols; Valorie Quesenberry; Debby Gaskins; Stephanie Burley; Missy Miller. 

This committee meets at least three times per year to facilitate the growth and development of Women of Worth through:
- making decisions about the organization of WOW
- planning the annual meeting held at IHC in Dayton, Ohio
- providing information and support to women wishing to start new local WOW groups
- working towards providing a variety of resources for women through this website.

There is also a WOW literature committee which has produced and published several books for Christian women. 

Objectives of Women of Worth:

·         To aide women's spiritual growth
·         To provide a time of fellowship
·         To teach and to learn Scriptural principles as instructed in Titus 2:3-5
·         To help women become effective witnesses for Christ
·         To encourage women to disciple others in Christian growth
·         To promote the home as the focus of ministry
·         To enable women to identify and develop their spiritual gifts and the gifts of others in          their families
·         To encourage creativity in homemaking