Sunday, August 30, 2015

Recommended Resources: Coping with Stress God's Way!

by  Don Colbert, MD

We hear a lot about how we need to "give it all to Jesus"  or "cast all of our cares on Him."  And it's all true!  But learning to cast our cares and lower our stress levels is not an easy-breezy skill.  And often the people who encourage us to do those things don't really offer any practical suggestions on how to do it!

This book is written by a Christian doctor who understands the commitment it takes to overcome a life of stress and live more in God's rest. He doesn't give flippant admonitions, but nitty-gritty-rubber-meets-the-road steps we can all take to follow God's plan for our lives.  He includes nutrition, Scripture, sleep, margin, exercise, the habit of joy, and so many other Scriptural habits that Jesus modeled for a balanced lifestyle. 

1. I am a Physician Who HAS Healed Myself
2.  One Nation, Under Stress
3.  Fight, Flee...or Stew in Your Own Juices
4.  Mental and Emotional habits Prepogram Us for Stress
5.  Addressing Distortional Thought Patterns
6.  Reduce Your Frustration Factors
7.  Dealing With the Inevitable Offenses
8.  Wiping Out Worry
9.  The Power of Attitude to Create or Relieve Stress
10.  Learn to Be Assertive
11.  The Impact of Your Words on Your Own Stress Level
12.  Building "Margin" Into Your Life
13.  Sleep - God's "Stress Buster"
14.  A Diet to Reduce Stress
15.  Nutrients for Coping with Stress
16.  Exercises That Relieve Stress
17.  Cultivating Happiness and Joy as a Lifestyle
18.  Learning to Relax
19.  Adrenal Fatigue and Burnout
20.  The Peace That Passes Understanding

Appendix A.  Salvation Prayer
Appendix B.  Positive Affirmations
Appendix C.  Scriptural Affirmations
Appendix D.  Product Information

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