Thursday, February 9, 2017

Reaching Women in Coshocton Ohio!

To be brutally honest, the thought of starting a Women of Worth chapter has never been appealing to me. I have worked with ladies in my local church for years and I simply viewed it as another “activity” for church women. That is, until two and a half years ago at the Inter-Church  Holiness Convention.

I sat in a hotel room with several ladies talking about the Women of Worth service that morning when one of the ladies began sharing her joys of being a chapter leader in her community. She went on to share one of her frustrations was that most of her “church” ladies do not even attend her meetings. As a matter of fact, many of her ladies came from area churches and several of them did not attend church at all (at least not as of yet). That’s where she grabbed my attention. WOW! A ministry to reach the lost and use it as a gateway ministry to address (on a surface level) and meet the needs that women face in our community! Now that was exciting to me! That day, Carolyn McHugh, Laura McBride and I began to dream of seeing a Coshocton, Ohio Women of Worth.

Unfortunately, that dream spent over a year and a half on the back burner due to several circumstances.

But then God opened a door to have a consistent place for our meetings literally in the center of town. We had brochures professionally printed with the dates for the next year of our meetings and we also had a rummage sale which raised over a thousand dollars! Praise the Lord!

Our first meeting was a fall theme addressing the topic of “The Worth of a Woman” by Lorena Glick. She did a fantastic job connecting with the ladies from the community and area churches. At one point during the evening I looked at Lorena and said "I do not know over half of these ladies."  A number of the ladies are currently unchurched. I am so thankful for our honored guest, Jesus, and for the blessing of His presence in such an undeniable way. Each lady received a fall centerpiece and we enjoyed soup, salad, rolls, and dessert. Laura McBride conducted an ice-breaker game which was a hit!

Another month we had a Militant theme with the topic of “The Battle of the Mind,” our goal to help ladies identify combatant and destructive thinking and remind them where/who it comes from. There was a skit and a Biblical interactive power point by Rachael McCreery on that the subject. Our d├ęcor was graced with camouflage and “thought bubbles” filled with words describing battles/struggles we’ve all faced.  

I owe a special thank you for those who worked diligently behind the scenes that being my committee Carolyn McHugh, Dawn Layton, and Laura McBride.

We covet your prayers and desire that Jesus be glorified through though this ministry!
In Christ,


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