Friday, September 21, 2018

Important Update for Local Groups!

IHC Women of Worth National Committee

Dear Chapter Leader, 

Thank you for the job you’re doing in ministry to women. We’re happy to stand with you as you disciple women in your local area and encourage them to follow Jesus and be women of worth. You are a very important part of WOW National and we want to express our appreciation to you for a job well done!

At the summer meeting of the Women of Worth National Committee, we discussed ways in which we can improve our brand and our identity as whole. Since there are other groups who call themselves Women of Worth (such as a philanthropic arm of L’Oreal Cosmetics, a women’s advocacy group in India and a ladies ministry of the United Pentecostal Church, to name a few), we want to be sure we can be identified for who we are – a women’s ministry of the Inter-Church Holiness Convention!

So, as a committee, we passed a motion to make the prefix “IHC” part of the name for both the national communication and for the local chapter. We further passed a motion for all chapters to take a similar name in their internet and social media communication. Beginning now, every local chapter should use a name such as “IHC Women of Worth – Lima, OH.” This identifies you as part of the IHC Women’s ministry and also gives your location. All new chapters will also adopt this format for their name.

Several of the WOW retreats have a specific Facebook page for that purpose. These should also be renamed to reflect this identity. For example: IHC Women of Worth – Central Indiana Retreat.

Since it is possible to rename groups and pages on Facebook, we ask you or the person responsible for your social media pages to make these changes as soon as possible.  If you need help with this, please contact Valorie Quesenberry with the WOW Media Committee, through the WOW email at

You should also adopt this chapter name in all your communication – email, flyers, etc.

We are excited about the days ahead with Women of Worth and believe this new uniformity will help us better identify ourselves and expand our ministry to women as they can better find us and contact us as local chapters.

May God bless you richly as you lead women in the place where He has called you!

Lorena Glick

IHC Women of Worth National Director

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