Saturday, April 10, 2021

We Can't Wait to See you!

We are so excited to meet with all of you at our annual Women of Worth gathering – this year in Gatlinburg, Tennessee! Someone said once that the “company of women refreshes my spirit.” We agree. And especially so when those women are gathered in Jesus’ name.  We will greet one another with smiles and hugs and compliments. We’ll coo over the babies and congratulate those who are experiencing good life changes. We’ll share our struggles and lean into the support of being known and loved. We’ll sing songs and pray and hear news from around the country. And we’ll listen to inspiration from our speaker, and this year that is Mrs. Cherie Spangler. And we thought you’d like to know a little bit about her.


Cherie Spangler was born Cherie Hallenbeck in New York State. She has two older brothers and a younger sister. As a young girl, she enjoyed the outdoors and could often be found horseback riding, swimming, bike riding, hiking or playing ball. After graduating high school, Cherie attended Penn View Bible Institute where she traveled in public relations with a music group. During her college years, she also served as secretary to the President for a time. While there, she also met her future husband, Brian Spangler.


After marrying and leaving Bible College, the Spanglers entered ministry life, pastoring for 27 years and doing evangelistic work about 6 years. God blessed the Spangler home with three children whom Cherie says are “the greatest in the world” along with the “best daughters-in-law and son-in-law.” When they started looking for life partners, they didn’t waste time; all three of them married within eighteen months of each other! (We need to ask her to share stories about wedding stress!) And now, happily, all of them live close and attend and work in the same church as their parents. What a blessing. A highlight of their family life was the trip to Israel where Brother Spangler was privileged to baptize all his children in the Jordan River. 


Cherie has traveled extensively with her husband, having visited most of the 50 states and several foreign countries. She shared that one of her pet peeves is observing a driver on a cell phone who then creeps over in the opposite lane (probably something she sees a lot in her travels). They like to go camping with their family, and she loves holidays when everyone can be together. If she has some time to relax, she likes to read, do Bible studies and write Christmas programs! A favorite quiet day would find her sitting by the ocean or a stream, journaling or reading a good book. 


We are looking forward to what she will share with us next Wednesday morning. Will you join us in prayer for her and for the Women of Worth team as they prepare? And will you pray for your sisters in Christ with whom you will gather?


Let’s be the family of God.

Let’s gather with full hearts and smiles and expectation. 

See you soon!



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