Wednesday, April 2, 2014

PARENTING RESOURCE: Shepherding a Child's Heart

It is easy, especially in the little years, to focus so much on behavior that we miss the heart.  We shape and mold and discipline the outside symptoms (and rightly so).  We want our kids to act right!  And quickly!  But sometimes we forget to shape and mold and discipline the heart.  One of our most important tasks is to help our kids to be tuned-in to the nature of their own hearts so that they can allow God into every corner.  This book is a  foundational for finding balance in parenting.
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"From interaction with their peers to the instruction and correction that they receive at home, Children interpret their experience from a worldview that seeks to answer their fundamental questions: Who am I? What do I exist for? Where can I find joy? We need to provide our children with a consistent, persuasive, biblical framework for understanding the world God has made and their place in it. Instructing a Child's Heart is essential to Shepherding a Child's Heart. The instruction that you provide for them not only informs their mind; it is directed to persuading their hearts of the wisdom and truthfulness of God s ways. Impress truth on the hearts of your children, not to control or manage them, but to point them to the greatest joy and happiness that they can experience delighting in God and the goodness of his ways."

 Instructing a Child's Heart - DVD Small Group Resource

(Resource recommended by Stephanie Phillips)


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