Tuesday, April 21, 2020

Meet Esther Dotson Coner

For many of us, Esther Dotson Coner is a familiar name.  She grew up traveling extensively in music evangelism with her parents and siblings, known to many as The Edwards Family. In 1993, Esther and her husband, Tim, began a full time music ministry of their own.  In 1998, they transitioned to a pastorate in Gratz, PA. Esther's life was full, being a busy mom and pastor's wife. 
In 2004, Esther's loving husband unexpectedly went home to be with Jesus.  Her life took a different turn as she, along with their four precious children, moved back to her home in Indiana.  For the next seven years, she worked from her home as the Deputation Secretary for Evangelistic Faith Missions.  In 2005, she became the co-supervisor of The Steps, Inc., an after-school ministry for kids in Ridgeville, Indiana.  She continues to serve in that capacity today.  
Esther remains active in music ministry with her family, as well.

Esther shares that she loves to spend time with her family which includes her husband, Kenny, children Sharlenae (Phillip) Collingsworth, Brianna (Brian) Plumley, Luke Dotson, and Jillaina Dotson.  

Esther's favorite title these days is "Grammy," and she's soaking up every moment with her new grandson, Noah Timothy Collingsorth. We agree that little Noah is just perfect.   


In the spring, Esther's favorite activity is working outdoors, landscaping and gardening with her family.  She also enjoys reading, bike-riding, and canoeing.  She has a cup of coffee with breakfast every morning (a taste she has acquired since her husband and children are coffee-lovers), and she enjoys eating healthy foods.  Like many of us, Esther finds herself doing a lot more cooking since the children are doing their studies from home!

During this time of quarantine, Esther is primarily focusing on more quality time with her family, taking time to play games and to sing, as well as continuing routine devotional times together.  She's also working on some home projects, and she likes to stay informed with current events by tuning into President Trump's daily White House briefings.

Just this week, Esther shared some insight with us that we would like to pass along to you:

"It is so encouraging to know that NOTHING ever takes God by surprise!  Ultimately, our safety is of the Lord!  '...for Thou, LORD, only makest me dwell in safety.' (Psalm 4:8)  What peace that brings!  Keeping our focus on the positive things that are happening is healthy for us!  In the midst of this crisis, there are many positive things!  Primarily, PRAYER is going up for America.  It has, no doubt, made a difference!  We do not need to be fearful, just aware, respectful and reasonable with our actions.  God has us in His care!  I love a statement that I recently read:  If a tiny virus can do this much damage, imagine what mustard seed size faith can do!  I will not be surprised that when this is allover, we are going to hear some great faith-building testimonies as to how God worked during this COVID-19 quarantine."

Thank you, Esther, for sharing your heart with us.  We are excited to have your archived message to Women of Worth featured during IHConvention 2020 online!

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