Sunday, April 5, 2020

What a Day Brings

"You never know what a day will bring." 

 We've all heard variations of that thought, the idea that we don't control our circumstances, and as Christians we know in our heads that God is in control.  We sing songs that express trust.  We preach sermons that resonate faith.  We share testimonies that exude dependence on our Creator.  But then something completely unexpected comes along.

For most of us, Spring 2020 is looking dramatically different than we imagined.  We can no longer visit family members, some of whom may be aging or have compromised immunity.  Those who live alone face increased isolation as many outlets for social interaction are no longer available.  Our grown children have migrated back to the nest full time as colleges and universities all across the country have closed their classrooms and residence halls.  Younger children are now utilizing various tools for home education.  Churches are navigating new ways to connect the body of believers as we are scattered across our towns and communities.  Moms and dads are finding themselves on the front lines in our healthcare facilities.  They are struggling with the idea of potentially bringing a very contagious virus back to the home following their shift at the local hospital.  There are thousands who now find themselves unemployed, wondering how they will pay the bills that continue to accumulate.  Others own small businesses and are having to make tough decisions as deep cuts in revenue are already taking a tremendous toll.  This long list isn't nearly comprehensive enough, but there's no way we could profile all who are being affected during this world-wide pandemic.  It is truly unprecedented.

Just putting these scenarios on paper is enough to make one be overcome with thoughts of fear and doubt.  But no matter how dark the difficulty, no matter how scary the situation, Jesus came to bring peace!  No circumstance is out of His control.  Today we can rest in His promise found in John 14:27 (NKJV), " Peace I leave with you, My peace I give to you; not as the world gives do I give to you. Let not your heart be troubled, neither let it be afraid."

As we enter into this holiest of weeks on the church calendar, we want to help draw your heart away from the chaos and disillusion of the world around us, and point you to the One who sacrificed everything to provide a way for us to escape the penalty of sin.   In addition, we want to walk with you as we all seek to fill adjusted roles during this season of change.  

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