Saturday, March 8, 2014

Recommended Resources from previous WOW website

One of the challenges we have as women is to stay inspired and energized to do our daily tasks with beauty and loveliness.  Sometimes things feel boring and mundane or overwhelming and tiresome.

 Reading helps us to stay focused - even if the concepts are things we've heard many times, revisiting good truth helps to motivate and keep us seeking to do our best.

Here we are revisiting some classics:   tried-and-true resources to inspire you to fulfill your roles with fresh inspiration.

Spirit of Loveliness
by Emily C. Barnes

                                Purposeful Programs
                              Women's Programs for Every Month
                           by Kathy Sanders and Diana Hobbs

If Tea Cups Could Talk - 
by Emily C. Barnes

 by Emily C. Barnes

Spiritual Mothering 
(The Titus 2 Model) 
by Susan Hunt

The Training of Children
by William Booth

Solid Answers
By Dr. James Dobson

The Gift of Grandparenting
by Eric Wiggin

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