Thursday, July 10, 2014

Interview with a teenager involved in Crisis Pregnancy Ministry

Charity Wheeler
Attends Victory Chapel in Frankfort, Indiana
1.  How old are you and what are some of your hobbies?  

I am 15 1/2.  I love to read, sew, crochet, knit on looms, make gifts, do crafts, play bassoon, sing and daydream.  : )

2.  Could you tell us a little bit about the Pregnancy Center and the resources they offer?

The Pregnancy Resource Center (PRC) helps girls choose life for their babies.  The Center has parenting and prenatal classes.  If the mothers go to the classes as well as go to church and have personal devotions, they receive Baby Bucks.  The Center gives them four complete maternity outfits.  Then they get to use their Baby Bucks to buy things for their little one.  There is a room there full of baby things:  clothes, diapers, occasionally a stroller or crib, etc.  One month before their due date, the PRC gives them a big laundry basket cram-packed with diapers, wipes, clothes, and whatever else the mother will need to bring the baby home from the hospital.  The Pregnancy Center also helps families that may not know what to do with another child on the way and the dad doesn't have a job, etc.  Their goal is to save babies' lives and lead the parents to Christ.

Charity studies bassoon, voice and piano
3.  How did you first get involved in the Pregnancy Center in your town at such a young age?

I had seen their sign before, but didn't know what they were all about.  After God called me when I was 13 to save babies, I went to the Pregnancy Resource Center with my dad and we asked if I could be a volunteer.  I'm approaching my third anniversary with them.  It's been so much fun.

4.  What are the things you do or have done to support the center? 

I do a speech every year in the fall at our church.  After the speech, my little helpers and I pass out baby bottles.  The congregation take these and fill them with change.  IN six weeks or so, I collect the bottles and turn them in to the PRC.  I also help with the Rock-a-Thon.  I ask people to sponsor me to rock in a  rocking chair for an hour.  Since I'm a team captain, I get nine other people to do the same things.  I get some girls from our church to come with me and we work for 10 hours that day as waitresses to the rockers and any people that have come to watch.  There is lots of food, music and prizes.  One year, my family and i with the help of a friend, decorated a Christmas tree with baby things to enter in the "Tour of Trees" in our town.  We hope that some mother-in-need saw it and discovered hope.  My mom and I also worked a booth at the Health Fair this year to help people become aware of the PRC.

Charity Talking to girls that waitressed for her at this year's rock-a-thon.  
(They are the 3 dressed in denim and white.)

5.  What is your favorite thing about supporting the Pregnancy Center?

I know I'm making a difference in helping to save a baby's life and maybe a woman's soul.  Most of all, I know I'm doing God's will and that He sees me doing it.

Display of basket for expectant mothers.

6.  Do  you have any future plans/dreams for being involved in crisis pregnancy ministry?

Oh yeah!  I want to become a Certified Professional Midwife (CPM).  I want to run a place that's half a PRC and half a midwifery office in an inner-city place.  I also would like to open a PRC in a town that doesn't have one.  When I turn 18, I'll be old enough to start being a mentor at our local PRC.  That's been another dream of mine.

Charity asking a rocker what they would like to eat or drink while they rock.

7.  What would you tell someone who would like to help their local center, but doesn't know where to start? 

All you have to do is walk through the door and ask to be a volunteer, like I did.  They know that some people can do a lot and others don't have a lot of time to give.  They'll take whatever help you can give them.

Team captains at the Rock-a-Thon (Charity is second from the right)

8.  Is there anything else you would like to share about this ministry?

It's been a ton of fun!  It's helped me realize that even though abortion is widespread, there are people who are helping others choose life.  God has used the people at the PRC to show me that even though I'm still a teenager, God can use me.  He has a BIG plan for me.  I know that being a volunteer and team captain for the PRC is part of that plan and His will for me.  It's nice to know that if God reveals His will to you He will help you to do it, no matter how young you are.

Charity was the 1st place rocker this year!

Charity Knitting a blanket on a loom for an expectant mother.

Portraits by Jonelle Barnard  @ Backyard Studios

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